Below you will find some general information about EarthToday and the nature protection organizations we work with who protect the actual m² of nature. You can also find downloadable press releases, visuals, logos and other ingredients you may need to tell our story. Please remember that the materials are intended for press only. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, feel free to contact us!

Where it all started
Earth day 2021

EarthToday was founded in 2018 and launched in The Netherlands on Earth Day 2021. A diverse group of thought leaders, change makers and ambassadors joined forces and used their voices for the benefit of our planet. Together, they rose up to the challenge to protect 1 million m² of nature in 1 month, to get things started for the many millions we still need to protect in the coming years.

About EarthToday
A community for change

We’re a for-purpose company on a mission to increase awareness on the state of the planet and accelerate its protection, at scale.

We connect brands, individuals and nature protection organizations in a whole new model of collaboration to protect nature. Individuals can protect square meters of nature for €1.20 per m² and receive a unique proof of protection, registered in their name. Brands can use the protected m² of nature as a purpose-driven reward for their customers and partners. Together we can protect 50% of the planet by 2050. Meter x meter.

Union Of Nature reserves
Impact on the ground

Global nature protection organizations have joined forces in the Union of Nature Foundation (UON), a world’s first business model collaboration to accelerate nature protection. UON protects your m² on EarthToday. For each m² protected, the organizations commit to bringing a new m² under protection, on a 1-for-1 basis. This is how we scale. Various methods are used, including conservation, rewilding, restoration and sustainable development. All supported by and inclusive to local communities.

EarthToday x Union of Nature

The land protected by the members of the Union of Nature is divided into m² and geocoded on EarthToday. Individuals and brands can protect these m² and receive a unique proof of protection, registered to their name. On EarthToday they can also virtually travel to their protected m² of nature and learn more about how it is being protected.

Founding team
Financial statement
Where the money goes

The purpose of EarthToday is to accelerate nature protection, and raise awareness of the state of the planet. Together, meter x meter.

83% for-purpose

This means we contribute 83% of every euro to our purpose. Funds are directed towards Union of Nature, a global collaboration of reputable nature protection organizations. For each m² protected through EarthToday, the organizations commit to bringing a new m² under protection. This is how we scale.

The remaining 17% is used to run EarthToday.com and to pay taxes. We do not allow any advertising nor do we sell any personal data.

A for-purpose company
planet. people. profit.

EarthToday is a ‘for-purpose company’; a new business model and organizational structure which combines the purpose of a charity with the growth incentives of a company. By design, a for-purpose company is community-owned and directs its value to its purpose from day one. Every member that protects m² of nature, is rewarded with a depositary receipt of a share in EarthToday. This way, we share responsibility and ownership.

• Protect m² today: 83% of all revenue goes to our purpose
• Future return on investment: 67% will go to our purpose
• All future profits will be invested in our purpose

Become a funder

Creating a purpose portal to facilitate a global community requires serious funds. EarthToday is funded by people who want to financially contribute to EarthToday as a company, and in turn receive depositary receipts. We call them funders. Everybody is welcome to become a funder. Funders invest in EarthToday and commit upfront that two-thirds of their returns will be used for-purpose – if and when billions of m² have been protected.

The same conditions apply to all of us. We’re in it together.

Press Releases

Our official statements
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The logo

The EarthToday logo represents Planet Earth surrounded by an aura in the colors of the rainbow: a circle of life surrounded by the atmosphere in which our existence takes place.

Please don’t modify our logo in any way. If you’re unsure, please contact us.

Mentions in the media
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