Flag of Planet Earth Planted on the Arctic Ice on World Peace Day

Sailing yacht Infinity is on a mission to unite humanity under one flag

21st September 2018, International Day of Peace. Today the crew of expedition vessel Infinity will raise the Flag of Planet Earth on the Arctic ice. It has taken Captain Clemens Oestreich almost three months to accomplish this journey to the Arctic. This powerful and symbolic act is a call to humanity to unite our forces. The only way to face global challenges is to act as one global community.

This extraordinary mission was conceived on the islands of the South Pacific Ocean. It was here that Infinity’s crew, led by Captain Clemens Oestreich, spent countless hours over many weeks collecting plastic waste from the islands’ shores. “This plastic came from all over the world, and the piles seemed never-ending,” says Captain Oestreich. “We realised that global problems such as these are rooted in a sense of disconnection that many people experience. We wanted to do something meaningful, even if that meant planting a flag in one of the most remote parts of the world.”

Captain Oestreich found support for his mission from Kees Zegers and Bas Verhart, two friends from Amsterdam, The Netherlands. With their help, the journey towards the Arctic could begin. Infinity set sail from Dutch Harbor, Alaska in June. On board is a crew from 11 different countries. Among them are the captain’s partner and four of his children.

The incredible voyage is being documented by award-winning filmmaker Nicolas Edwards and Australian television host Tim Charody.

Designer of the flag, Oskar Pernefeldt, says, “The flag is part of no particular nation, religion or ideology. It is a symbol for everybody who considers themselves a citizen of Planet Earth.” The symbol on the flag itself is known as the ‘seed of life’, a universal symbol which stands for unity and connection.

In parallel with the #JoinEarthToday campaign, the team in Amsterdam is building a new online media community of changemakers called EarthToday. EarthToday aims to bring together innovators, teachers, designers, scientists, entrepreneurs, artists, writers, musicians, activists, travellers, mothers, fathers, health experts, farmers, sailors, astronauts, tribal elders and many more to tackle the global challenges humanity will face over the coming decades.

EarthToday’s co-founder Bas Verhart says, “With over seven billion people living on this beautiful planet, we have to rethink our future. The only way to face global challenges is to act as one global community. The planting of the flag is a start and an open invitation to everybody to join forces and change course.”

People can support the #JoinEarthToday campaign by liking and sharing pictures and videos of the Flag of Planet Earth on social media or by raising their own flag.

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Notes to Editors

  • The initiative to plant the Flag of Planet Earth is the collaborative effort of changemakers from all over the world.
  • The flag pole is made of a nine-meter long tree, carved with symbols and words of wisdom by a local tribe of the Vanuatu Archipel. The pole is blessed by Maori tribal leader Ivy Smith.
  • The sails of SY Infinity are painted by New York-based artist Carlito Dalceggio.
  • Some of the visual materials are supplied by renowned photographer Jimmy Nelson, whose book about indigenous tribes, Homage to Humanity, will also be released on 21st September.
  • Actress Golshifteh Farahani is helping to specifically raise awareness for plastic in the oceans by supporting the key narratives of the campaign.
  • US-based organisations Peace Accelerators and Unify will lend support in reaching millions of people celebrating the International Day of Peace.

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